Most commonly asked questions when it comes to Attic and Loft Conversions, Second Storey Additions and Attic Storage Rooms.

Can I have a fold down access ladder to a habitable attic?2019-03-15T10:06:32+08:00

The short answer is no. The building code sets out the requirements for accessing habitable rooms and a fold-down ladder doesn’t meet these requirements. You can have a fold-down ladder accessing a storage room but all rooms classified as habitable must have a proper staircase.

Do I need to move out while our attic conversion or second storey addition is built?2019-03-15T10:07:39+08:00

Most of our customers choose not to move out while the work is going on. A1 Attics specialise in being able to complete the work with minimal disruption to the interior of the existing home. We can usually only breakthrough for the staircase in the final stages of the build. 

How long will the project take to complete?2019-03-15T10:10:39+08:00

There are too many options to list here… If you check out our what we do page on this site you will find our products and services and a rough idea of how long each build would usually take.

How much will it cost?2019-03-15T10:03:00+08:00

Basic ball-park prices for each of our products are listed under the what we do section of this website. Select your required service and click on each available options to view the starting prices.

Is my house suitable for an attic conversion?2019-03-15T09:58:41+08:00

The general requirements under the BCA are for 2.2m of finished headroom over 2/3 of the floor area of your new attic conversion. If you allow 300mm for the structural floor and allow a bit more to gain that 66% then you are looking at needing around 3m from ceiling to apex inside your roof for a decent size habitable attic conversion. If you don’t quite have this or you aren’t sure what you have, give us a call and we visit you to discuss your options.

Is there a danger of my house being exposed to weather during the build?2019-03-15T10:09:06+08:00

A1 Attics builds attic conversions and second storey additions in ways which minimise the risk of your home being exposed to the elements. There are various practices which we employ and do things in certain stages to leave your existing home shielded from the weather.

We understand that needing to move out for weeks could be the deal breaker which is why we have adopted these processes to ensure you feel safe in your home throughout the build.