How well do you think you use your attic or roof space? If you are thinking of de-cluttering your home, turning to the often neglected attic space just beneath your roof is not only a cost-effective option, but with a fold down Attic Ladder, you can ultilise it all the time.

A1 Attics have been supplying and installing a wide range of attic ladders available on the market to give Perth’s homeowners safe and easy access to their roofs.

Take advantage of the available attic space in your home. Whatever you choose to store in your attic, it becomes a lot more convenient if it can be easily accessible by a fold-down attic ladder.

If your attic lacks a fold-out access ladder, call Perth’s attic specialists A1 Attics. We will come to your home to do an onsite measure and help you choose the best Attic Ladder model that suit your needs and space.



The ECO Aluminium Ladder is a light weight aluminium construction and carries a 3-year warranty.

  • Suits ceilings up to 3m (34-course brick).
  • Aluminium construction for light weight & strength.
  • Casing sizes: 1180 by 620mm (2.8m) or 1280 by 680mm (3.0m).
  • Insulated draft proof hatch.
  • Weight rating of 150kg.
  • Climbing angle of 68 degrees.
  • Hand rail for safe use.
  • Folds away easily and can be operated by anyone.
  • Springs on lid so its able to hold its own weight for safe and very easy use.

COST: from $950.00 installed (install time 2-3 hours).


The Wooden Premier timber model is a top of the line ladder constructed from un-knotted kiln dried timber and carries a 3 year warranty.

  • Suits ceilings up to 3.5m.
  • Varnish finished and constructed from kiln dried un-knotted timber.
  • Casing sizes: 1180 x 680mm (2.7m); 1280 x 680 (3.0m) or 1430 x 680mm (3.5m).
  • Hatch lid with 22mm solid ply for ultimate strength with white veneer on both sides.
  • Weight rating of 180kg.
  • Climbing angle of 58 degrees.
  • Full length hand rail for safe use.
  • Springs attached to hatch lid and legs for safe light weight use.

COST: from $1,550.00 installed (install time 2-4 hours).


A1 Attics have decades of experience in attic conversions and installation of attic access ladders. We realise that you would rather not have your home invaded by strangers, so we do everything we can to get the job done quickly and efficiently without ever sacrificing quality.

We are also concerned with the safety of everyone who will need to climb up into the attic. We ensure that you will get the right ladder that fits the height and space available in your home with handrails to assist with balance and safety.

Call A1 Attics for a free assessment and quote on Perth attic ladders.

We can install a fold-down attic access ladder, engineered flooring and wrap your roof space in an insulated foam core lining to create a clean dust-free storage environment in just a couple of days.

A1 Attics flooring is rated to 75kg of storage per square meter and is perfect for those less dusty roof spaces and smaller budgets.

  • Flooring jobs completed in 1 day
  • Constructed to take 75kg per square metre
  • Can also construct extra heavy storage if requested (dependent on internal wall layout and height in roof space)
  • Skylight / Ventilation (lets in natural light & takes out airborne dust and keeps moisture down
  • Handrail for the ladder
  • Shelving
Dustproof rooms are guaranteed dustproof and perfect if wanting to keep all those belongings of yours that are seldom used but so highly valued clean and dust free. Most dust proof rooms are completed in two days.

All Dust Proof Rooms Include

  • Two vents to keep air going through the room to prevent moisture build-up and extract heat.
  • Access door into main roof space.
  • 4.5mm insulation wrap to keep out dust and prevent heat from main roof space getting in.

How To Get Started

A1 Attics team will come out to your house to discuss different options and locations and will put together a design which suits your needs and budget.

  • Extra vents.
  • Carpet ties.
  • L.E.D Bunker light and switch.
  • G.P.O
  • Edge protection boards.
  • Extra access door.
  • Velux skylights.
  • Shelving or tub storage containers.


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