Looking for a cost-effective option to reclaim your home from the clutter? A1 Attics, Perth’s experts in attic conversions, can help you unlock the storage potential hidden in your roof and provide you with a quick, safe and easy-to-access alternative to store your valuable items.

Do you have a car that lives on the driveway because there is no space in your garage? Or a guest forced to sleep on the couch because the guest bedroom has become a dumping ground?

At A1 Attics we specialise in converting that prime real estate above your head into new, usable and easily accessible storage spaces, which can help you declutter your home.

In just a couple of days, we can install a fold-down attic access ladder, engineered flooring and wrap your roof space in an insulated foam core lining to create a clean dust-free storage environment.

Call A1 Attics today and take the first step to clearing out and reclaiming your home.

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Converting the unused space in your roof into a storage room is a creative, useful and functional way to add value to your property whilst making your home clean and clutter-free. We offer a range of attic storage solutions that will help you keep your valuables safe, out-of-sight and easily accessible.

We provide and install attic access ladders, design and fit high-quality attic flooring, and build dust-proof storage rooms with ventilation and skylight systems for natural light and airflow.

attic ladder perth


If you are in need of quick, easy and safe access to your attic or roof space, an attic ladder from A1 Attics is the perfect solution.

attic flooring perth


A choice of standard attic flooring for lighweight storage or engineered flooring designed for extra strength.


Dust-proof storage rooms which can be accessed by a fold-down ladder from your garage or hallway.


Many people lacking storage in their homes turn to external storage solutions; renting a shed or storage container at a regular fee which becomes very costly over time. It’s one extra bill your family doesn’t need, and an inconvenience whenever you need to access your belongings.

There is also the worry of how safe your property really is; ultimately you are putting your possessions in the charge of an uncaring bureaucracy also responsible for thousands of identical storage units. Mix-ups and dishonesty aside, criminals often target remote storage sites, knowing that the owners will not be around to protect their belongings and any theft is unlikely to be noticed quickly.

By having A1 Attics create a clean and usable roof storage space in your home, you can store all of your belongings inside your four walls. When you need to access your goods, an attic ladder makes things easy without taking up extra space.

A1 Attics flooring is perfect for storing those lightweight items in your roof, and for the smaller budgets.

  • Most flooring jobs are completed in 1 day
  • We can also construct extra heavy storage if requested (dependent on internal wall layout and height in roof space)
  • Other additional items include: extra handrail for the ladder, shelving and other storage solutions
  • Skylight and ventilation (lets in natural light & takes out airborne dust, and keeps moisture down)

Dustproof rooms are guaranteed dustproof and perfect if wanting to keep all those belongings of yours that are seldom used but so highly valued clean and dust free. Most dust proof rooms are completed in two days.

All Dust Proof Rooms Include

  • Two vents to keep air going through the room to prevent moisture build-up and extract heat.
  • Access door into main roof space.
  • 4.5mm insulation wrap to keep out dust and prevent heat from main roof space getting in.

How To Get Started

A1 Attics team will come out to your house to discuss different options and locations and will put together a design which suits your needs and budget.

  • Extra vents.
  • Carpet ties.
  • L.E.D Bunker light and switch.
  • G.P.O
  • Edge protection boards.
  • Extra access door.
  • Velux skylights.
  • Shelving or tub storage containers.


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