Professional Attic and Roof Space Conversion in Perth

Attic space is a fantastic asset to any home, offering a large amount of easy storage space to your family. Safer, more convenient, and significantly cheaper for long term storage than any external storage solutions such as rented units or containers, it’s no wonder so many families call in A1 Attics to open up this “hidden” area of your home.

There are a great many reasons why you might find the house which once seemed sufficient for your needs is suddenly feeling cramped and inadequate. In times like these, conversion of your roof space to attic storage can be a standout solution in terms of ease, cost, timeframe, and elegance. Even if you aren’t in dire need of storage, moving your things to the attic you can open up living space downstairs. So, before you go building over your backyard or budgeting an extension, call up A1 Attics. With years of experience in attic and roof space conversions, we can give you an on-the-spot quote and assessment of your potential results, using our knowledge to inform your decision about how to use the attic.

Loft conversions raise the current and future value of your home

Much is made nowadays of the practice of “house flipping”, and the idea of buying and renovating a house to raise its value before an immediate resale. Many of the clients who come to A1 Attics for a roof-space-to-loft conversion are acting in such a mercantile capacity, and it is undeniable that a high quality, professional conversion will raise the value of a house.

Your small suburban home can become spacious with a simple conversion, featuring up to 30% more floorspace and the novelty of a loft bedroom or living area. These additions will raise the quality of life for a growing family, and when you eventually decide to sell your home and move on, put a healthy cash return in your pocket for the investment.

Call A1 Attics today for a free quote and evaluation of your roof space

Andrew of A1 Attics is an experienced and specialised professional who has been responsible for converting hundreds of Perth attics over the years. Call him on 0447 692 375 today and he can arrange a time to come by and discuss the potential for a revitalised loft or attic space in your home.