Perth’s Specialists in Attic & Roof Space Storage

Do you need more space in your home for your family and belongings? Cupboards and closets full of what you don’t often use, but couldn’t throw away? Call A1 Attics today, and we’ll make sure you can take full advantage of your most valuable asset; the family home.

Attics are the safer, more convenient storage solution

Many people in this position turn to external storage solutions; renting a shed or storage container at a costly regular fee. It’s one more bill your family doesn’t need, and an inconvenience when you suddenly find you need something from your belongings.

There is also the worry of how safe your property really is; ultimately you are putting your possessions in the charge of an uncaring bureaucracy also responsible for thousands of identical storage units. Mix ups and dishonesty aside, criminals often target remote storage sites, knowing that the owners will not be around to protect their belongings and any theft is unlikely to be noticed quickly

By having A1 Attics create a clean and usable roof space in your home, you can store all of your belongings inside your four walls. When you need to access your goods, an attic ladder makes things easy without taking up extra space.

Unlock extra storage space without extending your home

Many families find space becomes a concern over their time in a house. Families grow and need more room, and what might once have been a comfortable home becomes a little cosier than you would like. Extensions and renovations can be hugely costly and involved affairs, but with over 30% of your home consisting of roof space, an attic conversion can provide a more straightforward option by giving you “free” storage areas.

Call A1 Attics for a free assessment and quote on Perth attic conversions, and add space to your home and value to your investment.